Key features
  • Own internal GPS and ROT
  • Low weight and small dimensions
  • Multi-client capable
  • Simultaneous use while charging
  • Wide range Wi-Fi + BT
  • Configuration + sensor test via app
  • Two years warranty
  • Six month money back guarantee
  • Professional service directly by TRENZ
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In Rio de Janeiro Pilotage Zone we work in different kind of ships and in very different areas from North to South of Rio de Janeiro State. I was seeking for a device that could be very reliable and at the same time easy to carry in my backpack. Trenz Pilot Plug is an excellent choice in my opinion. It is very easy to setup and works very well. I recommend this unit to our pilots!
Porthos Lima Rio de Janeiro Pilots Operations Director.
Rio de Janeiro Pilots
It’s unbelievable how fast the device reacts and how accurate rate of turn it provides. The wifi connection to PPU is reliable. We also appreciate very much the smooth communication with the developers as well as ongoing development of the software.
Olli Taipale Chief Pilot
Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd
A pilot can easily connect TRENZ pilot plug with PPU & start working immediately. No need to fiddle around for smooth connection. Device has an unmatched range - I have tested in on all kinds of vessel, from small feeder vessel to large Capsized Bulkers & VLCC. There was no problem in getting signals on bridge wings. This is one feature other devices struggle to provide. The sensors are very good and I never faced any loss of signals/data during any of my moves. So the TRENZ pilot plug aced on the most important factor for a pilot RELIABILITY!!
Capt. Sumit Jora Marine Pilot
Device works well and meets my requirements regarding track prediction and docking mode. I have made docking of LNG tanker using TRENZ and Transas. The ship is 288 m long and that was pleasure to see how it works.
Jarosław Żukowski pilot morski
Szczecin Pilot
I have been using TRENZ for over a year now in all my maneuvers of almost all types and lengths of ships, compared to similar products this device is light, frugal and accurate.
Capt Ahmed Sati Marine Pilot Class 1 & ISPO DP
DP World
TRENZ Pilot Plug offers much more advanced functionality than other similar devices.
Kris De Decker Flemish pilot
Scheldt river
Compared to other premium devices, TRENZ Pilot Plug is smaller and lighter and lower price with the same performance.
Maritime Pilot
Tokyo Bay Pilot
After having much trouble with Pilot plugs concerning operating range on the bridge, this Pilot plug exceeds all expectations and together with the unbeatable price for the offered bunch of functionality I am very happy to have this one now.
René Stier Marine Pilot
Lotsenbrüderschaft Wismar Rostock Stralsund
TRENZ Pilot Plug is the tool every pilot should have in his pocket ready to be operated for facing any unsuspected situation . Whatever ship’s pilot plug is working or not , you will find the best adapted solution with its flexible , independent , reliable ROT and GNSS positioning including GALILEO.
Laurent Bregeault River Seine Pilot
Pilotage de la Seine
The equipment from TRENZ is excellent and presents a very good accuracy
Capt. Geraldo Luiz de Almeida Director
Rio Grande do Sul Pilots
I've tested many high class Pilot Plugs. On big beam post panamax vessels, TRENZ Pilot Plug is the unit with best connection experience.
Krishna Martínez Soto Harbour Pilot
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