Latest Firmware-Test (Beta) on Weser river

There are no facts in the office! We can only test and advance the quality of our permanent developments in practice with the support of pilots. Yesterday on the Weser we tested our latest firmware as a beta version and also conducted a benchmark test against a competitor.

We are very satisfied with the results and have found some small things and new approaches how we can improve further.

For our customers this means: with the next firmware update, which is fast and easy to do, their pilot plug will be a bit better again! Our progress does not stop!

Testing on Weser river: TRENZ Pilot Plug and ADQ-2. Satisfactory results... I am proud of our TRENZ development team!

Our next firmware (version 3.2) will be released within the next days! Make sure that you have subscribed to our newsletter and that you will be informed about the new firmware in time.

A special thank you to the Marine Pilots of Weser I