Firmware Release 3.2A

Changes from 3.0 to Version 3.2 are:
-Advanced AIS Heading with added 2 decimal points on the AIS submitted value . ( Activate it via: Configuration - Heading and Advanced Heading must be switched on, Advanced is switched on by default )
-New Joystick class and updates - a more intuitive feel. Hold the joystick to reset the plug.
-Upcomming Firmwareupdates do not require a reset by hand/paperclip. The software will set the Plug into updatemode ( the paperclip is obsolete from now on! ).
-Roll and Pitch accuarcy is now down to +/- 0,2 degree on both axis.
-Batteryindicator has been reworked and is now more accurate regarding the percentage on full charged and low battery state. This leads to better estimation of uptime.
-Rate of turn received a major update in accuracy and is now +/- 0,5 degrees. Furthermore the output of low values of +/- 1 degree per minute has been improved.
Downloads are available in all our Apps and via our website.