WIFI 802.11 b/g/n

  • A maximum of 17dBm transmitting power guarantees the best possible range

Up to 32 clients at once for unlimited use cases and pilots on board

Webpanelconfiguration for all necessary settings ( SSID,Password, IP, Port, Chanelfrequency and DHCP )

External antenna connector or internal build in antenna ( internal +2dBi, external may vary and depends on type of connected antenna )

Switchable LowPower Mode in case no wireless connection is required ( Intelligent automatic mode can switch autonomous )


Bluetooth 802.15.1

Bluetooth 4.2 module with up to 12dBm transmittingpower and -96dBm receivingsensibility

Bluetooth standard 2.0 to 4.2 guarantees highest possible compatibility to any PPU on the market

Reconnect – The module is able to reconnect to any host – configuration is needed

Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic Mode offer the perfect link between maximum range and the lowest possible amount of power

Advanced circuitantennadesign provides reliable connectivity and the highest operating range in class

CoExistance mode allows dependable connections even though high utilized wireless frequencies


USB Type-C

Both USB Type-C connectors can be used to charge the device and transfer AIS-Data from any ship to the Pilot Plug

One of the USB Type-C connectors can be used as USB to AIS Receiver for any Computer or to firmwareupdate the Pilot Plug

USB Type-C offers 180 degree rotary connectivity, no hassle nor struggle with USB anymore

USB Type-C is the new standard for any mobile device


Rate Of Turn

Axisdriftcompensation for 9DegreesofFreedom Sensor ( Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometer )

High accuracy for a safe and trustworthy Rate of Turn

Embedded Calibrationsfeatures



Integrated antenna for fast and reliable connection without hassle

Worldwide deployable due to the implementation of location-standards : GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QuasiZenith

Devilish fast GPS-Fix between 1 and 15 seconds ( Hot to cold starts )

Differential GPS standards integrated ( DGPS supported: WAAS EGNOS SBAS GAGAN)

Up to 0,1m accuracy on location tracking

Internal assisted GPS system ( A-GPS )

Datalogger , able to save locations internal


AIS Connectivity

The integrated circuit guarantees for a safe and userfriendly polaritycorrection of any connected AISData and signal

The reliable hardwarecircuit is developed to assure the polaritycorrection without the users interaction