What kind of telemetry data is the Pilot Plug transmitting to your device ?

TypeNameValuesSampleNMEA-0183 Conform.
AIS own shipAIVDOAny AIS relevant data!AIVDO,2,1,0,B,539f5KT00000@?K3OD100000HJ82tVA00B0C@UDQp88,0*5FYES
AIS dataAIVDMAny AIS relevant data


Rate of turnROTDegree per minute/rotation on Z axis$--ROT,0.00,A*16YES
HeadingHDTThe heading value of the vessels AIS and if set virtual heading$--HDT,355.0,T*16YES
GPSGGAPositional data and time$GNGGA,101724.000,5304.31,N,00852.25,E,1,13,1.28,14.332,M,46.445,M,,*4EYES
GPSRMCMinimum position data$GNRMC,101724.000,A,5304.311246,N,00852.250184,E,0.28,224.27,151018,,,A*72YES
GPSVTGVector of ground$GNVTG,224.27,T,,M,0.28,N,0.52,K,A*2FYES
GPSGSASatelites currently tracked$GPGSA,A,3,22,08,27,03,11,18,01,28,,,,,1.95,1.28,1.48*05YES
GPSGSVSatelites in view$GPGSV,3,1,10,18,89,099,30,11,74,264,42,01,60,287,50,22,48,228,50*7AYES
GPSALLVariation due to GNSS ( GPS/GL/GA/BD)

$GP/GL/GA for each GSA sentence → GP = GPS,GL = GLONASS,GA = GALILEO

ModeTRMODESettings of the Pilot Plug$TRMODE,1,A,1,C,1,1,C,4279831338,W,1,B,1*5BYES
BatteryTRBATBatterydata of the Pilot Plug
Roll and PitchTRNAV

Roll and Pitch information



Rate Of Turn (ROT)

Our ROT data is measured by an internal Gyroscope MEMS sensor. This sensor is a low power but high accuracy sensor which is measuring the rotation data around the z axis.

This data is representated as rate of turn in degrees per minute. To get a reliable ROT values please keep always in mind to place the device on a flat surface where it wont be moved and with less tilt as possible.


Our internal GPS receiver is able to track up to 33 satelites at once but to get it tracking may be a challenge on a vessel ( Due to shielding through the surroundings ) . Our internal antenna is located in front of the device, facing towards the clear sky. Place our device in proximity to a window or attach the external antenna and place this antenna close to the window.