Q: Questions
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QMy device does not start.

Please attach the supplied USB C cable and USB charger to a poweroutlet and the Pilot Plug.

The RED Led on front of the device should be On instant. If this LED does not light, please try a different cable and USB charger.


The RateOfTurn keeps drifting with a constant value.

APlease start the RateOfTurn calibration ( Standard - Press the Joystick ) and dont move or touch the device for the process duration of at least 10 seconds.

I do not get any AIS Data.



Make sure that you have connected your Pilot Plug with the USB to AIS cable and your vessels AIS port.
The Plug should now indicate AIS data by the orange flickering LED. In case there is no flickering please reattach the USB to AIS cable, give another rotation or port of the Pilot Plug a try. Otherwise please restart the Pilot Plug with the attached AIS cable.


Is your Pilot Plug correctly paired or connected to your device ? ( Blue LED is constant on )
→ No: Connect your device first.
Is your navigational software correctly configured ?
→ No: Set up your navigational software