1. Unboxing
In this article, we will unbox the device and demonstrate each accessory delivered with your Pilot Plug

Enjoy the following unboxing video of our product with a short introduction to each component.

Whats in the box:

ArticleMake use...
USB to AIS cableConnect your vessel with your Pilot Plug to receive AIS data
USB cableCharge and connect your Pilot Plug to any device and update firmware
USB chargerCharge your Pilot Plug at any powersocket
GPS antennaOptional antenna for faster and more reliable positioning
Waterproof sealbag

With this waterproof bag you are able to carry your device all time with any equipment

Round magnetStick this amgnet to the bag of your Pilot Plug to attach it to any surface on board
CE conformityInformation about the conformity of our product to the EC
Quickstart guideA small and handy guide to help you boost your pilotage experience with our product

AIS Connection:

→ Connect your vessel via the USB to AIS cable

→ Start the Pilot Plug

→ Wait for the startup procedure to finish ( Buzzersound )

→ The indicators you should look for are the blue led ( connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi to any connected device ) and the orange led ( AIS data flickering in case you have data, at around 20 Hz )