The best Pilot Plug adapter at an attractive price
After over two years’ joint development with German
pilots, including extensive evaluation of prototypes (beta
tests on ships, simulation for optimisation of the rate of
turn (ROT) etc.), we can now proudly claim that we have
constructed the best Pilot Plug adapter.
Since 2011, TRENZ in Bremen, Germany has equipped all
German pilots with a Pilot Information Service (PIA).
The PIA system was developed in close collaboration
with pilots and under realistic conditions to cater precisely
to their requirements.

At the same time, TRENZ helps provide pilots with Pilot
Plug connectors, which are critical to their workflow, by
acting as a reseller.

Pilot Plugs are available in a broad price range; all
devices have their advantages and disadvantages.
However, through dialogues with those concerned, we
know that no device available on the market sufficiently
fulfils the high standards demanded by pilots.

Criticisms expressed are, amongst other concerns:
• Limited wireless range
• Connection terminations
• Poor battery lifespan and capacity
• Damages due to poor material quality
• Missing configuration options
• Limited service provided by manufacturers

Our offering achieves at least the performance data
of the current best devices on the market, but in fact
exceeds them in most features – while maintaining
at a highly attractive price.
The TRENZ Pilot Plug offers:
• High range with WiFi and Bluetooth
(Triple E class tested)
• Low weight with very small dimensions
(180g, 125mm x 72mm x 27mm)
• Full personalisation and customisation;
can be calibrated locally and updated
• Sensors: acceleration sensor, gyroscopic sensor and
magnetic sensor, including rate of turn (ROT) with
high accuracy with slow rotations and heading
• A-GPS receiver supports global positioning standards
• Multi-client capable for several PPUs and simultaneous
operation of WiFi and Bluetooth
• Easy software updates
Convenient features
In addition, the device offers convenient features
such as:

• Dual USB Type C connectors for charging and
AIS data
• Magnet on the rear side of the housing
• Buzzer (sounds when the connection is
terminated), to keep you from accidentally
leaving the Pilot Plug behind
• Hardware polarity correction
• Clever design with joystick operation
• Micro SD card slot exporting data streams
Technical data


• Completely configurable
• Low-power mode with intelligent automatic feature
• Standard: WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
• Transmission power: up to 17 dBm
• Up to 32 clients can be simultaneously connected


• Bluetooth 4.2 module with 12 dBm transmission power and a -96 dBm high reception strength
• Bluetooth Standard 2.0 to 4.2 guarantees high compatibility to PPUs
• Automatic reconnect through the Bluetooth module to clients – configurable
• Multi-client functionality
• Our own antenna design ensures a reliable connection and high radius of action
• Coexistence mode retains a reliable connection even with many other wireless network devices


• Two USB Type C connectors – the new standard for mobile devices
• Anti-rotation feature and easy to lock in place – no fiddling or rotating required
• AIS data and charging function possible via both connections



• Axis drift-compensated 9-axis sensor (gyroscope, acceleration sensor, magnetic sensor)
• Highly accurate and reliable rate of turn signal, even with slow rotations
• Multiple calibration presets


• Internal (and optional external) antenna for precise and fast positioning
• Many standards for global positioning (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO)
• Extremely fast GPS, typical warm start time between 1 and 15 seconds
• A-GPS (assisted GPS) and D-GPS (differential GPS) are supported
• Data stream logger


• The integrated hardware wiring guarantees the reliable and user-friendly polarity detection of the AIS signal

Battery and memory


• 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery with voltage monitoring and battery charge indicator
• Up to 60 hours’ running time with active connectivity (Bluetooth and AIS reception)
• Charging possible while in use


• Internal MicroSD card slot
• Recording of data streams (AIS, ROT, battery status, GPS position, connectivity)


• User configurable 2-axis joystick with push button in order to control the functions


• 4 user-configurable colourised LEDs
• 3 LED‘s to indicate power and charging status

• An integrated buzzer can be enabled for different applications, for example in order to acoustically signal
disconnection of the device

Dimensions, weight and certifications


• Dimensions 108mm x 69mm x 20mm (L x W x H)
• Weight approx. 180g
Customisation options
The TRENZ Pilot Plug is immediately ready for operation, however, you have many options to personalize and customise the device:

Configuration via app

• The Pilot Plug configuration app is available for iOS, Android and

• It allows the user to download configuration profiles from the online

• Those profiles can be previewed and then applied to a connected Pilot
Plug via WiFi

• Sensors such as GPS or Rate of turn can be toggled on or off

Contents & pricing
Contents and pricing


• Pilot Plug
• USB-C AIS connection cable
• USB-C charging cable
• GPS antenna (external)
• Waterproof transport bag
• Charging device
• Operating instructions
• Quick Start Guide

PRICE: 899,- €*
(~ $ 1.100,-)
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Optional additions
Care package

Protect yourself with our care package against
damages of every kind


• 2-year no-worries package
• Phone support with experts right from the manufacturer
• Device replacement*
• Premium Update Service
PRICE: 199,- €**
(~ $ 245,-)

Optional additions