Download the "Pilot Plug Manager" below
Availabe for iOS, Android and Windows

With the "Pilot Plug Manager" you can do the following:

Enable & disable - GPS, AIS, rate of turn (ROT), roll & pitch and other functions can be stored permanently to your Pilot Plug

Sensor checking
Display incomming AIS data of any vessel or view telemetry data of our sensors.

Updating Firmware
A new firmware can improve functions, quality and runtime significant.
iOS (Apple) Version
Software requirements:
IOS 13.1 or higher

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Android Version
Software requirements:
Android 8 or higher

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Windows Version
Software requirements:

  • Windows 10, or

  • Windows 8 (manual driver installation required)

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Pilot Plug Manager - Feature matrix

VersionTelemetryConfigurationUpdate firmware
Windowsvia USB & WiFivia USB & WiFivia USB & WiFi
Androidvia WiFivia WiFivia WiFi
Apple iOSvia WiFi via WiFi via WiFi
The most important information about Pilot Plugs with Buttons.
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Detailed information about our Pilot Plug.
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Learn more about TRENZ Pilot Plug
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Certificate of Conformity (Europe)
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TRENZ Smartship article
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The most important information about Pilot Plugs with Joysticks.
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What is a firmware and what is it good for?
The firmware is the operating system stored in the Pilot Plug's memory. It enables various features and functions of your device. A new firmware can solve known bugs and improve functions and performance.

Therefore, please always use the latest available firmware version and keep your Pilot Plug up-to-date.
How can I update my Pilot Plug?

  • You need our software "Pilot Plug Manager" (Windows) for updating your device via WiFi or USB. The "Pilot Plug Manager" for iOS and Android are able to update the firmware via WiFi.

  • In case we do offer a new firmware version for the TRENZ Pilot Plug, our "Pilot Plug Manager" will inform you about the latest version.

  • The "Pilot Plug Manager" always contains the latest firmware, but also older versions for downgrades and a beta versions for testing purposes. With "Pilot Plug Manager" you can easily update your Pilot Plug device to the latest firmware or switch between different firmware versions.

Latest Firmware Version 3.4A
"Pilot Plug Firmware"


  • AIS Receiving has been improved dramatically

  • A bug in the GPS software has been fixed, there will be much less errors in SeaIQ from now on.

  • We added a new feature called “ROT-Smoothing”, the purpose behind this is to deliver a smoothed but still accurate and fast Rate of turn value for long turns. We advise to set this setting Off when there is necessarily for extreme fast movement recognition (for example docking). This setting can be activated by: PilotPlug Manager -> Configuration -> Advanced Settings -> ROT -> Smoothing > ON/OFF

  • Data logging internal AIS & Sensor logging– Requires special/custom PilotPlug version. Please get in touch with us when you require to use this new feature.

  • Rate of turn calibration will now be correctly displayed in SeaIQ.
    We advise to update your PilotPlug as soon as possible to make sure you have the best possible experience with your device.

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