Shipping FAQ
Transport & Shipping:


We deliver worldwide as long as it is a postal and parcel service address and there are no restrictions for the country or the region. Further costs for duties and taxes shall be borne by the customer. Our products will be packed and sealed in our own office and we are making sure that each order passed any quality test before we ship our products.


With your international order we ask your telephone number. This number is mandatory to each order, in case there will be any issue your order the shipping company need to get in touch with you via this telephonenumber.

Attention! Without your phone number no international shipping is possible!


International shipping and transit times may vary due to different customs and countries. In case of any doubt please contact us to get a realistic estimate of shippingtime.

Shipping Fee
Germany12€ 2-3 days*-
European Union (EU) 29€ 3-5 days*49€ 3-4 days*
International (Non-EU)39€  4-14 days*179€ 3-5 days*

*working days

Deliveries usually will be carried out by DHL,UPS or TNT with a fixed shipping fee for you.

Paying and billing

Payment methods

We do offer multiple ways to pay our products. Attached is a list with currently avaliable payment methods in our webshop.

Invoice and bill

For each order TRENZ is creating a specific invoice and bill. Invoices are generated before we ship our product to your country and we send them to you via mail and in printed version with the product.

Taxes and customs


Taxes and duties by importing products from us depends on your country. In general it is good to check out the special rules of tax and duty in your country before you order a TRENZ product.

Tax and duty are always to be paid by the purchaser and they are always must added to the shown product prices.



Duty: none

Taxes: You will receive an invoice with additional german “Mehrwertsteuer” (VAT) in the height of 19%.

EU Countries

Duty: none

Taxes: As a normal consumer you will receive an invoice with additional tax (VAT) in the height of 19%. If you as the purchaser are a company and you give us the correct VAT id of your company with your order, then you will receive a net invoice without any VAT from us. If you don’t have an own VAT ID, you will always receive an invoice (gross) with additional tax (VAT) only!

Special EU associated countries

Some countries have special duty agreements in various ways with the EU. We are working on this special list. It’s coming soon here!

Non-EU countries

Duty: Depends on your country. Ask your duty authority for the duty you have to pay additionally to our invoice for importing our products in your country.

Taxes: Depends on your country. Our invoice will be net without tax. Ask your tax authority for the duty you must pay additionally to our invoice for importing our products in your country.


With each international order we deliver an information about the product itself. Due to this any custom abroad is able to calculate the value and determine what kind of rate the customs had to declare.

In case you have any problem importing our product to your country, please get in touch with us to clarify additional documents or regulations.